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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”



Gwen's Trips are WOMEN ONLY TRAVEL for you and your friends! Easy Payment Plan available for

your needs. 

Why Choose Us?

Great Getaways Tourrs invite women who are lovers and partners, mothers & daughters, singles, or even women who might just want to get away from someone or something for a little while and be themselves. 


Our Getaways are curated for smaller groups between 12 – 24 woman. You’ll feel safe and comfortable with like-minded women. If you don’t want to travel with a large group of heterosexual couples, you’ll feel safe and comfortable in the company of all women.


Women only tours are growing in popularity. It’s a great way to meet new women and form new relationships and friendships you might not otherwise have. We have a natural desire to bond with other women. 


Our Getaways are diverse in culture, race and age. Our trips have ranged from women in their 30’s all the way to 70’s (so far!) We welcome all – as long as you are a woman!


Please join us if you are a single. If you would like to share a room, we will match you up with a roommate. 


If you are too busy to plan a trip, leave that up to us. Women join us because all the travel details are handled for you. Our trips include transfers to and from the airport at our destination, private transportation during the trip, hotel/resort stays, most meals, and entrance fees for national parks and tours.


Take a look at our upcoming trips. More are being planned. Send your contact info if you like to be notified of new trips or want more information on one of our currently planned trips. 


I look forward to talking to you about our shared passion – travel!

What Val Said About Us

I went to be because my friend told me about it and I wanted to meet new people based out of NC. I had a great time, beyond what I expected.


I had never been on an organized trip like this. Everything was well planned out and action packed. I got to experience things I may never have done on my own. The tours and side trips were great. And I knew all of them were made with reputable groups and companies. Safety and organization were always primary.


The blend of women were terrific. We all had alot of commonalities. Loved the outside and really got to know each other. Pre and post trip gatherings were super and Gretchen and Gwen really thought of everything for both the trip and to make us feel comfortable. We became our own little family.


I would not hesitate to go on a similar excursion with them again.

Val R

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What Linda Said About Us

I would recommend travel with you and your team. You can use my name. The appeal for me was having all the arrangements and details taken care of by you and seeing that the schedule wasn't overly taxing but there were options to include other activities. My favorite outing was the catamaran, I just wished it lasted longer. The hotels and transportation were comfortable. 

It was nice that everyone was open to meeting others and respectful of everyone. I've been in situations since we returned where friends and family have been unkind inconsiderate and rude so I appreciate the great chemistry with you folks. 

Linda W

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